Welcome to the Institute of Medicine’s Evaluation of PEPFAR Interactive Experience!
PEPFAR (which is short for the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) is a large, multifaceted initiative that provides U.S. government support for HIV programs in low and middle income countries, benefitting in particular countries that have limited available resources and infrastructure and a great need for support of their national responses to HIV. Working through many implementing partners, PEPFAR supports a range of activities for all aspects of the HIV response, including direct service provision, programmatic support, technical assistance, and policy facilitation. As you navigate your way through this Interactive Experience, you will experience the complexity that people across the world face as they navigate the continuum of HIV-related services offered in PEPFAR-funded countries. You will see various ways in which individuals access HIV/AIDS-related services, as well as the numerous barriers they can encounter. Throughout the Interactive Experience, you will be presented with scenarios and decisions to make. Your individual decisions will influence the choices available to you and your ultimate health outcome. You may also be presented with situations outside of your control which will also affect your choices and outcomes. While this Interactive Experience is intended to share some of the key messages from the IOM Evaluation of PEPFAR, it is not a comprehensive presentation of the content of the report; for more information about the committee’s findings, conclusions, and recommendations, you can access the full report here. GET STARTED
Evaluation of PEPFAR